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Visually inventive, character-driven and peppered with biting humor, the world of VAMPIRE HIGH explores the lives of two sets of students grappling with the personal nightmare known as adolescence. The series is set at Mansbridge Academy, an isolated New England boarding school which, during the day, serves as a last stop haven for the privileged teenagers of the wealthy and influential. Unfocused children of affluence, they were sent to Mansbridge in a concerted effort by their parents to get them out of the house and keep them out of trouble. That's the day school. The night school on the other hand houses a group of students who don't seem quite right. In fact, they don't seem quite human! After countless centuries of struggling with a poor public image, the Vampire Elders have set up a secret night school to teach their teenagers the ABCs of being "human" in the new millennium. A daring experiment to civilize vampire youth, VAMPIRE HIGH is not without risk, with two sets of teenagers coming of age in parallel worlds destined to collide. The night students are forbidden to interact with the day students, lest they reveal the true purpose of the school. The day students, suspicions aside, don't even know that the night students exist. Thus, much of the drama (and comedy) is derived from the vampires' efforts to curb their thirst for the blood of the day students, and the day students efforts to figure out just what goes on at their high school in the dead of the night. Fortunately, both sets of teens are guided by Dr. Reginald Murdoch, a renowned eccentric and educational specialist with a steadfast mission: to turn his charges into authentic citizens of the real world.

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  • Vampire High

    Vampire High ist eine kanadische Vampir-High-Schoolserie. Handlung Um die Vampirrasse zu retten…


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